About Us

EMI ABATE-President | Surf Travel Specialist | Marketing 


It all started as a small surf school in San Diego California  in a small surfing community called Mission beach way back in 1998. As part of the international lifestyle of the partners, it was most common during our off season that our team would seek un-chartered waters as part of the endless surfing adventure and adding one more destinations to our global surf map .

Each destination traveled to by Emi was introduced to our clients and was well accepted thus Surf camp adventures was born. In the early 80’s organized surf travel was still relatively new to the surfing community in the US but being a former pro-surfer, Emi had already visited many unknown surfing destinations at a young age. The endless adventurer seeking his thrill and untouched waters  who made his dream come true.  For the surfing community in today’s growing global internet, our world is becoming smaller and smaller and access for the new age surf traveler to unusual destinations more and more accessible to you. One common denominator amongst surfers that still remains consistent is the search for the perfect wave, the endless summer and the dream of getting away to a perfect surfing destination.Surf camp adventures continues their quest, and after 17 years continues to hand select each destination  by checking our facilities comfort levels and services offered by our operators and exclusive factor.    Once approved and up to standard, one more destination is added  to our global surfing map . My motto in life ” Live the dream ” it’s possible if you set your mind to it.

DONNA STERNFELD- Director of operations | Specialist Surf & Yoga Travel |Web

Donna runs our Team of Travel consultants and produces many of our Luxury Surf and Yoga retreats around the globe. Her holistic overview of business ownership and management combined with years of traveling and living all over the world over the past 25 years ,has given her the industry  expertise,business acumen and high level negotiating skills.  Her back ground in the hospitality  Industry, managing resorts and luxury villas makes her a specialist for Indonesia, Europe and South America. Many of our destinations have been hand picked by her and Emi ,they will make sure that we at all times provide you with great customer service from start to end.If you can’t find it on our website contact us for a customized package we will be happy to take care of your every need.

We look forward to sharing our surfing adventures with you and helping you realize your dream into a true surfing adventure !

Thank You for your support

Donna & Emi