Surfing today is attainable to anyone, it is not what it used to be where you would pack up and head out chasing the endless summer, sleeping in the car or camping out on the beach without too much comfort as we have today in the surf travel realm. It was all about the adventure and the seeking the dream,living the thrill and the experience. Today surfing has opened into so many different dimensions and for people with budgets of any size . We at surf camp adventures offer surf travel packages for any budget. We offer surf travel and accommodations in hostels, surf camps, luxury surf camps, luxury surf resorts, surf houses , private villas , surf charters, luxury surf charters, surf and yoga retreats ,surfaris you name it we have it. If you can’t see it on our website please feel free to contact our friendly travel experts as they will be happy to help you with any budget you may have .

We look forward to help you with your surf adventure