Surf Charters

For those of you that would like the experience of living on water and hunting down waves,seeking various destinations and islands on a yacht, surf charter or luxury vessel, today there are many options available. You can rent the whole vessel or be part of a group. Most surf charters today offer comfort and all the facilities you need for your safety. Our charters are all crewed charters with captain, host, deck hands depending on size of vessel, surf guides and scuba diving masters. It all depends on the size of your vessel and your budget. Surf charters are the preferred way for many surfers to travel for the range and amount of waves and destinations you can go to in a short period of time rather than staying in one fixed place.

Surf Camp Adventures has variety of surf charter and luxury surf vessels available throughout the Indian and Pacific oceans, Europe and South America.We will help you find the best surf charter for your needs