Surf Resorts

SCA has a fine selection of surf resorts “very luxury” and “ luxury” depending on your chosen destination and budget. There are so many all inclusive surf resorts around the globe today that provide extreme comfort and style for your surf travel. It is an uber cool way of traveling with a special person or a bunch of friends. Surf resorts allows you the advantage of choosing one destination as a second home away from home ,staying 7-12 nights while living a stress free surfing holiday.

Most of our resort locations are in exclusive and secluded places, however will provide you with all the amenities you need during your stay even Wi-Fi in remote areas such as The Mentawaiis. Choosing to stay at a surf resort means you will be taken care of from the moment you arrive at the airport, unpack put on your swim trunks and enjoy the show !!
Most resorts are situated on your favorite dream island or an untouched white pristine beach and offer boat trips to other surf breaks, diving, snorkeling and an array of aquatic and eco activities.